Frequently Asked
Questions is a subscription-based service provided by Global-Regulation which provides subscribers with keyword-based alerts regarding government legislative activity. also allows for users to search for government legislative activity based on keywords, and to filter based on year, jurisdiction, and category of activity.

The alert service provided by is a subscription-based service at a rate negotiated with Global-Regulation, either by the individual user or the organization providing the subscription to the individual. The user organization will be billed on a monthly basis with the ability to cancel their subscription at any time.

Pricing for your organization’s search needs can be estimated under the ‘Pricing’ tab on Here, users can estimate the total cost of a subscription by inputting how many searches they expect to run, how many sources they would like access to, and how many users will be required access to the subscription.

Users can access the ‘Pricing’ tab on to set up a subscription-based account. Once the search quantity, source quantity, and user quantity sliders are updated with the organization’s needs, user’s will be provided with an estimated cost and can continue with the ‘Get Started’ button. From here, users will be prompted to set up an account for their access.

Currently, the jurisdictions covered by’s scope includes Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Dominica, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Certain jurisdictions, such as Australia, Canada and United Kingdom include further regional jurisdictional filters, including the country’s states, provinces, or regions.

Currently the categories of government legislative activities covered by include:

  • Bills for all jurisdictions;
  • Hansards for Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia;
  • Draft Statutory Instruments for Australia and Canada;
  • Consultations and Committees for Canada and Australia; and
  • E-Petitions, News, Press Releases, Proposed Regulations, Public Consultations, Regulations, Releases, and Securities Commissions from Canada

Currently, users may search key words on the website’s main webpage to filter for government legislative activity related to the subject matter without a subscription. Users may further filter their search results by jurisdiction and category to refine the output.

The calendar feature on outlines the key sitting dates for the relevant governmental bodies for various jurisdictions. Currently, the feature includes the sitting dates for the federal, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia governments in Canada and the federal, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria governments in Australia.

The database is expected to be updated with the United Kingdom and Scotland calendars in the near future.