Petition to the Government of Canada





        Licenses for the production of medical cannabis are often abused, with production in excess of personal use amounts diverted for commercial sale on the black market;

        The amount of cannabis individuals are authorized to possess for medical purposes is impossible for an individual to personally consume;

        The Provincial Joint Forces Cannabis Enforcement Team has identified that organized crime has infiltrated the growing and distribution of black market cannabis production diverted from “medical” purposes;

        Grow-ops in rural and residential neighbourhoods have negative impacts on nearby residents' health and well-being, such as excessive smells, frequent traffic and reduced property values;

        Health Canada's yield estimates for cannabis production are grossly inaccurate;

        Municipal enforcement agencies have little to no power over cannabis grow-ops in their own jurisdictions; and

        The federal government has failed to subject personal registered medical cannabis production to examination and inspection, allowing grey and black market cannabis operations to flourish under this program.



    We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:



        Reform the licensing and oversight of the production of cannabis for personal medical use, and to grant resources and authority to the provinces in regulating and enforcing the production of cannabis for personal medical use, in turn empowering municipal regulation and enforcement.