Petition to the Government of Canada



    The recently introduced vaccine injury support program is only open to individuals who have experienced a serious and permanent injury as a  result of receiving a Health Canada authorized vaccine, administered in Canada on or after December 8, 2020;

    I was a completely healthy individual until I received the flu vaccine in October 2019;

     A few days later, I developed symptoms so severe that I was hospitalized for 10 days and was diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Steven’s Johnson’s syndrome (a syndrome where 1/3 people do not survive);

    It appears the side effects of this syndrome will be permanent,  my vision was the most affected, my eyes are extremely dry and sensitive to light;

    To keep my eyes open and be able to see, I have to put in eye drops every 15 minutes;

     The majority of my medical bills are out of pocket expenses;

    Not only has my physical health declined, the stress of dealing with the consequences of this syndrome has taken a significant toll on my mental health; and

    Although the vaccine I received was administered less than two years ago, I am not eligible for the vaccine injury support compensation.



    We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to make an exemption and allow cases such as my case to be eligible for the Vaccine Injury compensation program so that we can pursue treatments that can help improve our vision and overall quality of life.