Petition to the House of Commons


    We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:

    Whereas, certain regions and provinces of our country face underrepresentation in Canada's legislative decision-making process, and that this underrepresentation had led to an institutional disparity and has created a crisis in national unity. Further, the framers of our Constitution intended that the Senate, as Canada's upper legislative body in our bicameral parliament, would be allocated to ensure fair representation. Whereas the original regional distribution has not evolved as our federation has grown and changed. Therefore, regions of Canada demand fair representation in the Senate to address the uneven distribution of Canada's population (especially where a region an oversized economic contribution to the Federation), and to provide a balance to safeguard regional interests.

    Whereas, we cannot remain silent in the face of a lack of institutional representation in Canada's Parliament;

    Therefore we, the undersigned, call on the Government to take the following actions to address the situation:

    1. Take the steps required to establish equal representation for each province in the Senate.