Petition to the House of Commons


    We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:

    Whereas, the Liberal government's Carbon Tax has placed farmers and ranchers in a carbon tax trap. Our global competitors are not burdened by tens of thousands of dollars of carbon tax debt while Canadian farmers and ranchers do not have the ability to add the carbon tax levy to the price of their product. Instead, they are subject to paying this tax as it is levied by their input suppliers;

    Whereas, the Liberal government knows what the true cost of this ill-conceived tax will be on Canadian farmers over the coming years since it has undertaken several studies on the impact of the Carbon Tax on farmers, but it has also consistently refused to release their findings to Canadians;

    Whereas, according to a report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer based on Statistics Canada information, the average farm in Alberta with about 850 seeded acres of crops can expect to see the Liberal government's carbon tax cost it slightly more than $17,000 per year, once the tax reaches $50 per tonne in 2022;

    Whereas, the Liberal government has now announced that the Carbon Tax will increase to $170 per tonne by 2030 even though the Liberal government denied they would increase it beyond $50 per tonne during the last election;

    Whereas, the Liberal government is now also in the process of implementing a so-called Clean Fuel Standard initiative that some studies estimate will represent a total cost to the Canadian economy of $7 to $15 billion and 50,000 lost jobs, including an impact of $389 million to the Agricultural sector;

    Whereas, the high costs of the Clean Fuel Standard is even more questionable given the tax's unachievable emissions reduction goal.

    Therefore we, the undersigned, call on the House of Commons to take the following actions to address the situation:

    1.  Immediately exempt all direct and indirect input costs incurred by farmers as a result of the Carbon Tax.

    2. Immediately cancel implementation of the Clean Fuel Standard which will have a devastating impact on the Canadian economy, including the agriculture sector.