Petition to the House of Commons


    To the House of Commons in Parliament assembled,

    Whereas the Federal Lands in Pickering, Ontario, encompass Class 1 Ontario Greenbelt farmland and vital watersheds of the Oak Ridges Moraine;

     And whereas the Federal Government in 2013 announced that the Lands would be used for an airport and economic development but not for agriculture;

     And whereas there is no business case for an airport at Pickering, as evidenced by the fact that Pearson and Hamilton international airports are operating at, or far below, half-capacity and show no sign of reaching capacity in the foreseeable future;

     And whereas ruling out agricultural uses on prime farmland — the land that feeds us — is unacceptable policy in the 21st century;

    We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons in Parliament assembled:

    To rescind all plans for an airport and non-agricultural uses on the Federal Lands in Pickering; and to act, instead, to preserve the watersheds and agricultural land of this irreplaceable natural resource for the long-term benefit of all Canadians.