Canadians need access to news and information on matters of public importance, including information regarding health, education and political life, in order to fully benefit and participate in democratic society.

The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring the revenues of web giants are shared more fairly with Canadian creators and media.

Over the past few months, Canadian Heritage initiated a phased approach to stakeholder engagement, soliciting input from a variety of existing contacts. This work has helped advance the development of policy options in support of news media remuneration, specifically regarding how global digital platforms can appropriately contribute to a healthy Canadian news ecosystem.


A discussion document on the first phase of stakeholder engagement highlights the importance for action regarding declining revenues in the news sector. It provides an update on the work that has been done and seeks to collect further input and supporting information that will help the Government ensure a sustainable, fair, diverse and independent news and information ecosystem for Canadians.

How to participate

Read the discussion document and submit your written response.

Starting on August 3, 2021, stakeholders and Canadians can submit comments by email to

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