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November 5, 2021 - December 20, 2021 (45 days) Open
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December 20, 2021

Proposal summary

We are proposing to open new fall wild turkey hunting seasons in select Wildlife Management Units 60, 63, 69, 70, 74, 75 and 86 beginning in October 2022. These Wildlife Management Units meet the criteria for fall turkey seasons established in the Wild Turkey Management Plan for Ontario.

Proposal details

Hunting for wild turkeys in Ontario was initiated in two Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) in 1987. Since then, the hunts have expanded to include new WMUs as wild turkey populations have increased their range and numbers.

The Wild Turkey Management Plan for Ontario (2007) takes an ecological and landscape-based approach to wild turkey management with population management goals based on the broader landscape in which wild turkeys are found.

Based on criteria outlined in Ontario’s Wild Turkey Management Plan and resulting from improved data from mandatory hunter reporting, wild turkey populations in WMUs 60, 63, 69, 70, 74, 75 and 86 are robust and can support a fall wild turkey hunting season.

We are proposing to open fall seasons in these WMUs beginning in October 2022. These open seasons include bow hunting from October 1-31, and a shotgun and muzzle-loading shotgun season from the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Monday to the second following Sunday.

Regulatory impact statement

The anticipated environmental consequences of this proposal are neutral. Ontario’s wild turkey population is healthy and fluctuating naturally. The population continues to expand its range in some areas. Conservative fall wild turkey seasons in areas with robust wild turkey populations pose little threat to sustainability and will be monitored closely and closed or otherwise modified in areas as necessary. Fall wild turkey seasons may also help to mitigate concerns regarding conflict situations in some local areas.

The anticipated social consequences are positive. The opening of fall wild turkey seasons in new WMUs​​​​​​​ will provide additional sustainable wild turkey hunting opportunities.

The anticipated economic consequences of this proposal are positive. The opening of new WMUs​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ to fall wild turkey hunting provides additional opportunities for hunters and some local economic benefits.

There are no annual administrative costs to business anticipated from these proposed changes.

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