Ontario Regulation 780/21
made under the
Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020
Made: November 18, 2021 Filed: November 18, 2021 Published on e-Laws: November 18, 2021 Printed in The Ontario Gazette: December 4, 2021
Amending O. Reg. 364/20
1. Section 2.1 of Schedule 1 to Ontario Regulation 364/20 is amended by adding the following subsections:
(2.1) Despite paragraph 1 of subsection (2), subsection (1) does not apply to restaurants, bars and other food and drink establishments that are located in a sterile area of an airport.
(2.2) For the purposes of subsection (2.1),
“sterile area” has the same meaning as in the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012
made under the Aeronautics Act (Canada).
2. Subsection 8 (1.1) of Schedule 2 to the Regulation is amended by striking out “Paragraph 3 of subsection (1) does not apply” at the beginning and substituting “Paragraphs 2 and 3 of subsection (1) do not apply”.
3. Section 4 of Schedule 3 to the Regulation is revoked and the following substituted:
Exceptions from organized public event requirements
4. The prohibitions on attendance at an organized public event in clause 1 (1) (a) do not apply with respect to attendance at an event at a business or place that is subject to restrictions under Schedule 1 or 2 if the event is held in accordance with any conditions or capacity limits that apply pursuant to Schedule 1 or 2.
4. (1) Subject to subsection (2), this Regulation comes into force on the day it is filed.
(2) Section 1 comes into force on the later of November 30, 2021 and the day this Regulation is filed.