Petition to the Government of Canada



    The government has committed to banning harmful single-use plastics by 2030;

    Party balloons represent a harmful and pervasive form of single-use plastic;

    Balloons and ribbons are a major source of plastic pollution and marine debris, capable of travelling vast distances and persisting in the environment for many years;

    Balloons and ribbons pose a serious hazard to wildlife via entanglement and ingestion of non-degradable plastics;

    Releasing balloons and sky lanterns poses a risk of causing power outages and fires;

    Helium is a finite, non-renewable resource that is essential for medical, engineering, industrial and other scientific applications;

    A letter co-signed by plastic pollution experts, wildlife conservationists and environmental scientists calls for more government regulation on selling and releasing plastic balloons and sky lanterns;

    More public education is needed to raise awareness of the harms associated with releasing balloons and sky lanterns; and

    Alternatives to plastic balloons and lanterns for celebrations are widely available.



    We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

    1. Ban the release of latex, mylar, nylon, rubber, helium and other party balloons and sky lanterns into the environment;

    2. Consider adding balloons (including but not limited to latex, mylar, nylon and other materials) to the list of harmful single use plastics to be banned;

    3. Require manufacturers of balloons and sky lanterns to include warning labels on commercial packaging discouraging the release of balloons or sky lanterns outdoors; and

    4. Support public education about environmental harms associated with balloons, applicable laws prohibiting balloon releases and available alternatives to balloon releases.