NEW TECUMSETH — As part of its plan to stay open, the Ontario government is investing an additional $6 million to modernize and expand Stevenson Memorial Hospital. This funding will support the planning of the first phase of the hospital’s redevelopment, including a new addition and a modern emergency department. The redevelopment will improve access to high-quality care for families in Simcoe County as the province continues to build a stronger, more resilient health system that is better able to respond to crisis.

“Investing in the redevelopment of Stevenson Memorial Hospital is another way our government is building a stronger, more resilient health care system that will keep our province open,” said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “The expansion of services and new, modern spaces will ensure the hospital can provide patients and families in Simcoe County with much-needed services close to home.”

To meet the needs of families as Simcoe County continues to grow, the first phase of the hospital’s redevelopment will modernize and expand the emergency department to be triple its current size. This will ensure that patients have access to high-quality care when they need it the most.

The first phase also includes a new addition to the hospital, with a new front entrance and more parking. This is in addition to the expanded services announced in March including expanded diagnostic and surgical services and a new birthing suite. The redevelopment is planned to have space for nine new inpatient beds that would bring the total number of beds at the hospital to 47.

This investment builds on the $1 million previously invested by the government in 2019, bringing the government’s total investment to $7 million to plan the hospital’s new infrastructure and upgrade its facilities to better meet the needs of the communities it serves.

“This investment will go a long way to ensure we continue to move forward on our redevelopment planning, in particular working on a Stage 3 submission,” says Jody Levac, President and CEO, Stevenson Memorial Hospital. “Costs associated with infrastructure projects are rising significantly, so this funding couldn’t be more important to us at this time. I thank the Ministry of Health for their continued support of our much-needed redevelopment project.”

Stevenson Memorial Hospital has received government approval to implement this major redevelopment, meaning this important project is part of the government’s 10-year capital plan. The province continues to work with Stevenson Memorial Hospital on the planning process, which includes designing the first phase of the redevelopment and assessing how the project can further help address the health care needs of patients and families in the region.