In the 41st Parliament, the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion calling on the Government to create a national strategy on palliative care to ensure every Canadian has access to high quality palliative care at the end of life;





        All Canadians expect to have accessible and high-quality healthcare, however, only 30% of Canadians have access to adequate palliative care;





        80% of palliative care is provided by informal caregivers, such as, family, friends and neighbors;





        Demand for palliative care is quickly rising because of the increasing age of the Canadian population, and the lack of trained healthcare professionals;





        3 out of 5 healthcare professionals feel they have not received enough training to dealing with those needing palliative care; and





        Canadian medical schools usually dedicate fewer than ten hours throughout all four years of medical school to palliative care training.



    Therefore, we, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:



        Create a national strategy on palliative care;





        Increase the availability of palliative care by promoting recruitment and retention of palliative care providers;





        Develop the healthcare sector by supplying training to existing healthcare workers in the field of palliative care;





        Provide training and support services to informal caregivers; and;





        Work with provincial governments to create a national standard for palliative care training for all Canadian medical students.