Alberta’s government continues to reduce red tape and improve access to services, making life better and more convenient for Albertans. As of May 17, Albertans can renew their driver’s licences and identification cards online. Services will be available through the MyAlberta eServices portal.

“Online driver’s licences and ID card renewals are one of the most requested registry service changes that we receive, so I am very excited to announce this new online service. Albertans want more choice and convenience when it comes to accessing government services, and Alberta’s government is working hard to make that a reality.”

Nate Glubish, Minister of Service Alberta

“Alberta’s government is well on the way to cutting red tape by one-third, saving Albertans and Alberta businesses time and money. Online renewals of licences and identification cards are yet another way we are making life easier for Albertans.”

Tanya Fir, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

To renew online, Albertans will log in with a verified account and will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be 18 to 75 years old to renew a driver’s licence or at least 18 years old to renew an ID card.
  • Be a resident of Alberta.
  • Have a driver’s licence that is not suspended.
  • Not require changes to demographic information, such as address, height or sex, on their driver’s licence or ID card.
  • Have a card that has not been expired for more than six months.
  • Not require a medical examination report to renew their driver’s licence.
  • Have a photo and signature on the card that are less than 10 years old.

“As more services are offered online, this change is a great step forward towards the modernization that Albertans are coming to expect. We’ve been pleased with the consultation by this government and Minister Glubish, and look forward to working in partnership as we continue to offer convenient and accessible channels for Albertans to access registry services.”

Rikki McBride, CEO, Association of Alberta Registry Agents

“A driver’s licence or ID card is so much more than a piece of plastic – it unlocks key services that empower Albertans to live with confidence. Access to critical registry services, including a driver's licence or ID card, should be convenient and modern, which is why AMA supports making it easier for Albertans to access these services." 

Joel Ruff, chief operating officer, Alberta Motor Association

Quick facts

  • A verified online account validates a person’s identity the same way an ID card or driver’s licence does in person, so Albertans can complete secure motor vehicle services online without requiring in-person service.
    • Albertans who do not have a verified account can sign up for free at
    • Verification does not track user interactions and only stores information required to create and verify an account. Information is only shared with services that have the need and authority to collect it so the individual can access the service.
  • Albertans will still have access to in-person registry services and have the choice to renew their licence or identification card in person or online.
  • Albertans will be able to download a temporary licence from MyAlberta eServices after the online renewal has been processed. A temporary licence could be required if the Albertan’s licence is set to expire before their new card arrives in the mail.
  • The following registry services are also available online through MyAlberta eServices:
    • birth registrations and birth certificate ordering
    • one-year registration renewals for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, off-highway vehicles and some commercial and farm vehicles
    • duplicate vehicle registration certificates
    • in-transit permits
    • specialty licence plate orders
    • standard and commercial driver’s abstracts
    • vehicle information reports
  • Albertans need to destroy previous cards.
    • Albertans will no longer surrender their previous Alberta driver’s licences and ID cards to registry agents and will retain their cards until the new ones arrive in the mail, even if they renew in person.
    • It is an offence to hold more than one valid driver’s licence. Albertans will need to securely destroy their previous cards when the new ones arrive.