“May 22-28 is Paramedic Services Week, a time to recognize and thank the courageous women and men who respond to urgent and non-urgent medical calls every day, their families who support them and the families of fallen paramedics.

“On the ground and in the sky, paramedics are highly trained health-care providers, known for their skills, dedication and compassion. They are usually the first health-care provider we meet on what could be our very worst day.

“The last two years have been particularly challenging for paramedics, dispatchers and emergency medical services personnel as a whole. Faced with a record number of calls for assistance, they have been stretched to their limits physically and mentally – but they always step up and provide exceptional care when Albertans need them most.   

“Show your appreciation for the courage and commitment of our province’s paramedics by sharing your personal stories and gratitude at thankaparamedic.com.”