Petition to the House of Commons


    We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:


    The Liberal Party of Canada has promised in its 2021 platform to deny the charitable status of organizations that have convictions about abortion which the Liberal Party views as "dishonest";

     This may jeopardize the charitable status of hospitals, houses of worship, schools, homeless shelters, and other charitable organizations which do not agree with the Liberal Party on this matter for reasons of conscience;

    Many Canadians depend upon and benefit from the charitable work done by such organizations;

    The government has previously used a "values test" to discriminate against worthy applicants to the Canada Summer Jobs Program, denying funding to any organization which was not willing to check a box endorsing political positions of the governing party;

    Charities and other non-profit organizations should not be discriminated against on the basis of their political views or religious values and should not be subject to a politicized "values test"; and

    All Canadians have a right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to freedom of expression without discrimination.

    Therefore we, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to:

    1. Protect and preserve the application of charitable status rules on a politically and ideologically neutral basis, without discrimination on the basis of political or religious values and without the imposition of another "values test"; and

    2. Affirm the right of Canadians to freedom of expression.