Petition to the House of Commons of Canada




      some Canadian companies contribute to human rights abuses and environmental damage around the world;

      people who protest these abuses and stand up for their rights are often harassed, attacked or killed. Indigenous peoples, women and marginalized groups are particularly at risk; and

      Canada encourages companies to stop these harms from happening in their global operations and supply chains, but does not require them to.


    We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call on the House of Commons to adopt legislation on due diligence for human and environmental rights that:

        would require companies to prevent any negative impact on human and environmental rights throughout their global operations and supply chains;

        would require companies to exercise due diligence, including a careful assessment of how they might contribute to human and environmental rights abuses abroad and ensuring access to remedies if any harm occurs; and

        would set out significant consequences for companies that fail to exercise adequate due diligence and report on it; and would establish a statutory right for persons harmed to seek justice in Canadian courts.