Lakes Appreciation Month: Minister Issik

“A beloved feature on the Alberta landscape, more than 500 freshwater lakes span every corner of our province.

“Lakes are a summer weekend destination where many Alberta families connect with nature and enjoy swimming, fishing, boating and water sports.

“Waterways are also culturally important to Indigenous Peoples, a traditional source of food and transportation for centuries. Alberta continues to build relationships with Indigenous community partners to gather valuable water quality data and knowledge to enhance water ecosystem health. I’m pleased that Alberta is developing a new community-based lake monitoring program in the oil sands region, in partnership with area First Nations.

“As a crucial part of vibrant ecosystems, lakes provide aquatic habitats to various fish species and support a diverse range of wildlife. Conservation of our lakes is a shared responsibility. Alberta Environment and Parks works alongside municipalities, Indigenous knowledge keepers, non-profit organizations, watershed stewardship groups and local landowners. Together, we provide education, share watershed management practices, support water quality monitoring and help keep our lakes clean and free of invasive species.

“Since 2003, the Water for Life strategy has guided the Government of Alberta's commitments to manage and safeguard water resources. Over the coming year, we’re working with other sectors to renew the 10-year action plan. By collecting feedback from partners and learning from our successes and challenges, we’ll better inform our efforts toward managing lakes and furthering our goals of safe, secure drinking water, healthy aquatic ecosystems and reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy.

“In recognition of the vital role Alberta’s lakes play in the province's environmental, social and economic health, I’m proud to celebrate July as Lakes Appreciation Month in Alberta.”