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Queensland Police

Meritorious Service Medal

Deputy Commissioner Douglas Alan Smith APM

Deputy Commissioner Doug Smith APM commenced his policing career in 1973 as a cadet with the Victoria Police,joining the Queensland Police Service (QPS) on 29 April 1976. He has served the people of Queensland with great professionalism, exceptional commitment, and strategic thinking throughout his career in various operational, specialist and coiporate roles including Brisbane, Roma (including the Roma Stock Squad), Brisbane Water Police, Prosecutions and the Legal Section. Whilst at the Legal Section, Deputy Commissioner Smith was instrumental in drafting and implementing several major pieces of legislation including the Drugs Misuse Act, Summary Offences Act and major amendments to the Queensland Criminal Code. He also developed comprehensive legal training material for police prosecutors and investigators.

Deputy Commissioner Smith successfully assisted in the planning and operational delivery of the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982 and Expo '88. He assisted with the Fitzgerald Inquiry taking carriage of the Fitzgerald Implementation Unit to instigate recommendations, including the implementation of the Police Service Administration Act, major refonns to Queensland's ethics and accountability framework and leading the drafting and introduction of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act.

After being promoted to Chief Superintendent in 1995 Deputy Commissioner Smith was tasked with the establishm.ent of the Inspectorate and Internal Audit Branch.

fo 1997, Deputy Commissioner Smith took up the position as Assistant Commissioner in the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services. In 2019 he served as the acting Chief Operations Officer, Public Safety Business Agency (PSBA) providing advice to the QPS.

In February 2020, he accepted the position of Deputy Commissioner, Strategy and Coiporate Services QPS leading the disestablishment of the PSBA, reintegrating this framework back to the QPS. Deputy Commissioner Smith secured Government approval for capability growth, Polar renewal, asset purchases including load bearing vests and vehicles and designed and implemented the QPS mandatory COVID vaccination.

Deputy Commissioner Douglas Alan Smith has fulfilled his Oath of Service and provided a substantial contribution to the Queensland community. Accordingly, he is awarded a Meritorious Service Medal in recognition of his outstanding service to the community of Queensland.


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