Exemption - Certain Road Improvements In The Region Of Peel
Environmental Assessment Act
Regulation is filed.
Ontario Regulation 468/22 made under the Environmental Assessment Act Made: August 3, 2022 Filed: August 5, 2022 Published on e-Laws: August 5, 2022 Printed in The Ontario Gazette: August 20, 2022 Exemption - Certain Road Improvements in the Region of Peel Exemption 1.  (1) A person is exempt from subsection 15.1.1 (5) of the Act in respect of the following undertaking: 1.  The undertaking described in Section 8 of the document titled “Environmental Study Report: Municipal Class Environmental Assessment for Road Improvements near Derry Road East and Alstep Drive”, dated June 30, 2022 and available on the Region of Peel’s website, which includes road improvements to Derry Road East, Alstep Drive, Bramalea Road, Menkes Drive, Telford Way and Menway Court. (2) A person is not exempt from subsection 15.1.1 (5) of the Act in respect of a change to the undertaking mentioned in subsection (1) and, for greater certainty, subsection 15.1.1 (10) applies in respect of the change. Revocation 2. This Regulation is revoked. Commencement 3. (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, this Regulation comes into force on the later of August 28, 2022 and the day this Regulation is filed. (2) Section 2 comes into force on January 1, 2023.   Français