Petition to the House of Commons



    The proposed freeze on the sale and transfer of handguns is an ineffective way to combat gun crime;

    These regulations disproportionality target law-abiding firearms owners who are already among the most vetted in Canadian society, are subject to daily screening, and are statistically less likely to commit crimes than those who do not hold firearms licenses;

    The Government of Canada should be focusing its resources on effective means of fighting gun crime;

    Australian National Firearms Agreement of 1996 had no statistically observable additional impact on suicide or assault mortality attributable to firearms in Australia;

    In 2019, it was reported that Canadians spent over two billion dollars on firearms, ammunition, and accessories specifically for sport shooting in one year; and

    If the government changes the terms or refuses to issue a gun owners' license or firearms registration, the Firearms Act says the gun owners can seek recourse through a Section 74 challenge.



    We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:

    1. Immediately repeal the proposed freeze on handguns;

    2. Amend Bill C-21 to longer ban replica firearms i.e. airguns;

    3. Immediately repeal the proposed “expiration” of restricted certificates upon reclassification of firearms;

    4. Direct resources to border security to better combat gun smuggling;

    5. Direct resources to combatting the prevalence of Ghost Gun manufacturing; and

    6. Establish common sense firearms laws that protect legal firearms owners.