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2 9 JUL 2022

Mr Linus Powei· MP Chairperson Economics and Governance Committee

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I refer to the Economics and Governance Committee public hearing for the Consideration of 2022- 2023 portfolio budget estimates on Tuesday 26 July 2022. Please see below cmTections to the transcript.

Location Proposed correction Comments Page 13, para The appointment of Tony Keyes as an alternate acting Minor 17, line5 anangement was unde1iaken to ensure the office could correction of

continue to be staffed in the absence of the availability fact of Mr Mark Glen, who had previously been appointed by the Governor in Council to act as the Integrity Commissioner for a period of Sffi 12 months.

Page 15, para I am advised that Tony Keyes perfo1med in his position Minor 7, line 1 as Parliamentary Counsel Senior Deputy Crown correction of

Solicitor under the Newman Government fact

Page 19, para We have had 1,350 beds since 2015, and we have Minor 1, line 2 another -8-.§.9. 869 in current projections. cmTection of

fact Page 19, para ... will deliver around 404 beds; and a new Minor 4, line 3 Toowoomba Hospital, with $1.3 billion to deliver -l--l-9 correction of

118 additional beds. fact Page 40, para So far the funding has gone towards -$J $4 million for Minor 11, line 1 capital works and community projects that enhance the conection of

·- - - recognition of our veterans -fact Page 41, para Of course, we are offering free T AFE for Minor 9, line 8 Queenslanders under the age of :2-e 25, from memory, to correction of

ensure that they get the best staii in 'life with training fact through T AFE

Page 48, para While construction was impacted by the flood event, I Minor 10, line 5 understand that the theatre is still on track to open next conection of

year expected to be open mid-2024. fact Page 11, In Ms Karen Johnson, Deputy Acting Auditor-General Minor attendance correction of section fact

Thank you for your efforts to ensme the records of this impmtant hearing are as accurate as possible.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely


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