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From: Jack McGuire Sent: Thursday, 28 July 2022 3:05 PM To: Education, Employment and Training Committee Subject: Re: EETC - questions taken on notice at the public hearing 21 July 2022

Dear Committee Secretary,

I have answered the specific questions that you have posed me.

Are you currently a secretary or treasurer of any of those unions that sit under RUSH? Which ones, specifically?

I acknowledge that the committee accepts these organisations as unions. The office bearer information is publicly available information that sits with a State Government department that the committee can find themselves at: regulations/associations-charities-and-non-for-profits/incorporated-associations/request-information-about-an- incorporated-association. These are nascent unions.

For ease, QEDUS Inc t/a IWUA Jack : Treasurer; HS First Inc t/a SOPAA Jack : Treasurer; CWEA Inc t/a AMPS Jack : Treasurer.

Do the shareholders of QAS Group (Mr McGuire, Kath and Graeme) have office bearer positions in the incorporated associations to which RUSH provides services?

Yes. As above, this information is publicly available at: accountability/queensland-laws-and-regulations/associations-charities-and-non-for-profits/incorporated- associations/request-information-about-an-incorporated-association. This is temporary until the members elect a working executive at the next AGM or sooner for the nascent unions.

Have any members of the incorporated associations to which RUSH provides services requested information about those organisations’ finances? Yes. Financials are freely available, audited and each year tabled at the AGM to be ratified. Unlike registered organisations, such as cl 2.5 of the QTU constitution, these unions cannot form trusts that defeat the interests of members. Under the Associations Incorporations Act the formation of trusts is specifically banned because it is too easy to defeat the members interests. The committee should turn its attention to this disgraceful issue that Registered Organisation's are allowed to get away with.

What is the fee structure for the services that RUSH provides to members? I do not accept that I took this question on notice. However I am happy to respond as such. For those that are members prior to an issue, on behalf of the executive of the unions, RUSH covers all legal expenses in a similar vein to the QNMU. For those with pre-existing issues, the executive of each union make a judgment call on a case by case basis and this is communicated to the prospective member.

An example of union fees can be seen here It is roughly half the price of legacy unions.

I trust this assists.

Kind regards,

Jack McGuire Managing Director The best compliment is a referral, click here to refer a colleague and claim your referral gift. RUSH - Red Union Support Hub.

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