Petition to the Government of Canada




    This summer, Aéroport de Montréal razed more than 4,000 milkweed plants in the Monarch Fields, a natural area known for its biodiversity, located in a 155-hectare federally owned area for which ADM is responsible for managing;

    This action caused widespread outrage and condemnation from the media;

     The Monarch is a designated species at risk in Canada under the Species at Risk Act;

    On the government's website we can read that the government “manage[s] [its] federal properties … to provide essential habitat for migrating Monarch.” ;

    Milkweed is critical for Monarch survival;

    The area is also a refuge for 193 bird species, including 14 species at risk and 33 recognized as “priority” species by Environment Canada; and

    These lands are part of a 215-hectare ecosystem that helps protect biodiversity, support resilience to climate change and connect people with nature.



    We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to vote to modify ADM’s lease and ensure the federally owned land is managed responsibly and to work with Parks Canada, Dorval, Montreal, ADM, the appropriate landowners, as well as the Indigenous people in this unceded territory, to transform the wild land between the Technopark and ADM (Monarch Fields, green spaces, wetlands, etc.) into Canada’s second national urban park. We thank the government for listening to us and we hope for concrete, rapid action on this file.