“Every year on Aug. 12, International Youth Day is observed across the world not only to raise awareness of the issues faced by youth but also to listen to their stories and welcome them as partners in today’s global society.  

“As Minister of Education, I believe students should have opportunities to help shape our K-12 school system. My Minister’s Youth Council, which is made up of 40 junior and senior high students with diverse interests, identities, backgrounds and perspectives, helps the government address students’ unique needs and prepare them for success in school and beyond.

“This year, Alberta’s government is taking action to promote positive mental health in schools while also improving access to supports for those struggling as a result of pandemic-related disruptions. A new Career Education Task Force will also find ways to help students pursue their goals sooner, giving them a head start on their careers and increasing their chances of finding success and fulfilment in the world of work. 

“On this International Youth Day, I encourage Albertans to let young people know their voices matter and to show appreciation for their many contributions to our communities and province.”

Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

“As Minister of Children’s Services, I’m proud to recognize our youth for the vision and vitality they bring to our province. Young adulthood is a challenging time of transition, as difficult as it is exciting.

“Through youth-focused initiatives, we are helping to equip young Albertans with the life skills and social connections they need to reach their highest potential.

“We also remain committed to supporting young people as they pursue their educational, professional and personal goals.

“This International Youth Day, let’s reflect on the invaluable ways young Albertans’ voices and perspectives are shaping our families, workplaces and communities for the better.”

Matt Jones, Minister of Children’s Services