FREDERICTON (GNB) – The following message was issued by Premier Blaine Higgs to mark National Acadian Day:

Today, I join all New Brunswickers in marking National Acadian Day and celebrating the culture of Acadian people.

On National Acadian Day we are reminded of the vitality of the Acadian people and the rich and storied history of one of the founding cultures of New Brunswick.

Because of the resilience shown in the face of adversity, the Acadian identity thrives today, as is demonstrated through tradition, culture and language.

Attractions that display Acadian heritage, such as Le Pays de la Sagouine and Village Historique Acadien, are not just must-see tourist destinations but a testament to the importance of the preservation and demonstration of Acadian culture in New Brunswick.

While it is important to reflect on our past, we also must look to the future. Modern-day Acadie plays a significant role in various sectors that allow for opportunities which contribute to the success of our province.

As we mark National Acadian Day, I invite all New Brunswickers to join me in celebrating Acadie in all its colours.

Bonne fête de l’Acadie to all.