The Information and Privacy Commissioner, Michael Harvey, has released his Report A-2022-019 under authority of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015. A summary of the Report is included below.

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Report: A-2022-019
Report Date: September 16, 2022
Public Body: Office of Women and Gender Equality
Summary: The Complainant made an access to information request to the Office of Women and Gender Equality (“WGE”) for records relating to “pay equity.” WGE provided records to the Complainant, but withheld some information pursuant to sections 29(1)(a) (policy advice or recommendations), 30(1)(a) (legal advice), and 40(1) (disclosure harmful to personal privacy). During the complaint investigation, WGE agreed to release some additional information it had previously withheld pursuant to section 29(1)(a). The Commissioner found some information withheld pursuant to section 29(1)(a) to be factual material within the meaning of section 29(2)(a) and recommended its release. The Commissioner found WGE did not provide sufficient evidence to support its application of section 30(1)(a) (legal advice) and recommended release of this information. The Commissioner recommended the remaining information continue to be withheld pursuant to sections 29(1)(a) and 40(1).


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