Ovarian Cancer Month: Minister Copping

“All women, particularly those 30 years and older, run the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Today, I would like to acknowledge each woman who is battling this disease, their families who are with them, and those who did not survive.

“This Ovarian Cancer Month, please help raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Many women live with ovarian cancer unknowingly.

“Early symptoms can be subtle or seemingly routine, such as eating difficulties, fatigue, persistent bloating, frequent or urgent needs to urinate, and abdominal or back pain. These symptoms can signal a variety of conditions and present in women who don’t have ovarian cancer, but if they persist for two weeks or more, it is time to see a health-care provider.

“Ovarian cancer has the highest death rate of any gynecological cancer because it usually isn’t caught until it is in an advanced stage and treatment options are limited. Early detection greatly improves the effectiveness and choice of treatment options, and that means a better chance of survival.

“Please find out more about preventing ovarian cancer at Healthier Together.”