Island Schools Closed until Monday

The province announced that public schools in the French and English school systems will remain closed until at least Monday, October 3.

“For the safety of our students and staff, we have decided that schools will remain closed until at least Monday. We need to ensure that once power is restored, all of our mechanical systems are working properly. That our buildings are safe. That roads and cleared for buses and students can safely walk to school without fear of debris or trees blocking their way,”  Education and Lifelong Learning Minister, Natalie Jameson.

School authorities have been working diligently with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure to assess the situation at all island schools. Contractors have been hired and repair work has begun at many schools.

For schools which require more significant work, specifically Cardigan Consolidated, Queen Charlotte Intermediate and Ecole Evangeline, a normal return to class on October 3 will most likely will not be possible. The Public Schools Branch and the La Commission Scolaire de langue française do have contingency plans in place, and they are deciding on the best alternative learning options for each school.  

“It is too early to confirm what the days ahead will look like for schools with significant damage.  We may see some students redistributed to neighbouring schools, we may see some pivot to remote learning, or alternate learning locations. As soon as we have full communications back up and running, and a better understanding of the infrastructure needs – we’ll be able to outline the path forward for these schools,” added Minister Jameson.

A further announcement will be made later this week on what schools will be able to open on Monday, October 3, and if alternative learning models will be put in place. Work is also underway to bring programs such as respite care and other student support back into service.

The public is asked to please stay off of school grounds until classes resume, and that includes the playgrounds and sportsfields.

Some child care centres are open for essential workers. If you are an essential worker and need child care, please email us at

Child care centres which have experienced damage or need assistance, please look into the industry supports available – and reach out the Early Years Division if you have questions.

Media Contact:
Autumn Tremere
Department of Education and Lifelong Learning