441-00730 Social affairs and equality
Arnold Viersen
C-223, An Act to develop a national fram ...,Carbon tax,Guaranteed Income Supplement,Pipeline transportation
    We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:
        Bill S-233 and Bill C-223 propose to develop a framework for a universal basic income;
        A guaranteed basic income means that people would receive a paycheck even if they don't work or don't contribute to our communities;
        The cost of sending every Canadian money and managing an income distribution system would be in the billions of dollars;
        Universal income disincentivizes people from working and maintaining a job; and
        Taxes would have to be astronomically raised to pay for this new expenditure.
    Therefore we the undersigned, call upon parliamentarians to:
    1) Vote against Bill S-233 and Bill C-223 and any other legislation that encourages a universal income;
    2) End the carbon tax and reduce inflation that reduces people's purchasing power ; and
    3) Approve new and existing pipeline proposals getting Canadian energy to tidewater while stimulating job growth in Alberta and across Canada.