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Lisa Hepfner
Civil and human rights,Foreign policy,Pakistan
July 2, 2023, at 10:21 a.m. (EDT)
Petition to the Prime Minister
    Human rights violations in Pakistan : Freedom of Expression and Press: Journalists, activists, and citizens exercising their right to freedom of expression face intimidation, harassment, abduction , torture and censorship. Instances of enforced disappearances, attacks, and even killings of journalists and media workers have been reported;
    As Canadians with Pakistani origin , we fear of visiting our loved ones back home. Under the pretext of the new law by the current Pakistan government anyone expressing their opinion about the HR violations on social media could be arrested on arrival and jailed or even tortured. This is a grave concern for all Pakistani diaspora  for their safety and well being and their loved ones back home;
    Enforced Disappearances: There have been numerous cases of enforced disappearances , illegal arrest without any warrant and abduction. The lack of accountability , lawlessness and justice in these cases is deeply concerning; and
    For example Dr. Yasmin Rashid a celebrated medical scientist , pioneer in fetal medicine , awarded for covid management as minister (former) for health, 73 years of age , fighting cancer is being illegal detained by having fraudulent criminal cases against her. This inhumane behavior needs to be stopped.
    We, the undersigned, Canadians with Pakistani Origin, call upon the Government of Canada to Canada as a Human Rights champion we request and urge the Government of Canada to address these issues by raising with the international human rights watch and also apply pressure on the Pakistani authorities through their diplomatic channels to stop these atrocities and respect the Human rights and also freedom of speech.