441-01648 Foreign affairs
Kevin Lamoureux
Petition to the Government of Canada
        The Russian Federation has launched an unprovoked and an unjust war against the people of Ukraine;
        The Russian Federation has committed multiple war crimes against the people of Ukraine, including crimes against peace and crimes against humanity;
        Russian President Putin has threatened all other nations, including Canada, that are assisting the people of Ukraine in their valiant defence of their country;
        Tens of thousands of children, moms, and others are leaving Ukraine every day to escape the horrors of war;
        The Russian Federation's aerial attack is devastating Ukraine as President Zelenskyy and others are calling for an international no-fly zone over Ukraine;
        Russian President Putin has put nuclear deterrent forces on alert, which is an unprecedented and dangerous escalation; and
        Russian President Putin is posing a great and immediate risk to Ukraine and her allies.
    We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to:
    1. Immediately provide on-going further lethal weapons and supplies to the defence of Ukraine;
    2. Take immediate action to enable the fastest way possible for displaced persons from Ukraine to be able to get to Canada;
    3. Take on-going actions to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine; and
    4. Immediately urge NATO allies and Ukraine-friendly countries to seriously consider supporting and enforcing an international no-fly zone over Ukraine.