441-01645 Civil and human rights
Garnett Genuis
Petition to the House of Commons
    We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, draw the attention of the House of Commons to the following:
    Canadians have the right to be protected against discrimination;
     Canadians can and do face political discrimination;
    It is a fundamental Canadian right to be politically active and vocal;
    It is in the best interest of Canadian democracy to protect public debate and the exchange of differing ideas; and
     Bill C-257 seeks to add protection against political discrimination to the Canadian Human Rights Act.
    Therefore we, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to:
    1. Support Bill C-257 which bans discrimination on the basis of political belief or activity; and
     2. Defend the rights of Canadians to peacefully express their political opinions.