The Ministry of Transportation is considering amending Ontario Regulation 473/07: Licences for Driving Instructors and Driving Schools in respect of Driving Instructor Licence eligibility and revocation grounds. This is in support of two new offences which were recently created as part of the Getting Ontario Moving Act (Transportation Statute Law Amendment), 2019. These new offences prohibit driving instructors who are providing in-vehicle instruction from having the presence of any alcohol and/or drugs in their bodies. This regulatory change would mean that driving instructors who are convicted for having the presence of alcohol or drugs in their bodies while providing in-vehicle instruction would have their driving instructor's licence revoked immediately and would be ineligible to apply for new licences for a prescribed period of time. MTO is soliciting public comment on this proposed regulatory framework.Results of a regulatory impact analysis indicate that these amendments will impose no direct compliance costs to business. This amendment is consequential to the recent creation of new offences for driving instructors under the Getting Ontario Moving Act. It will not have a broad impact on driving instructors, only those who are convicted for the offences.

? There are no direct compliance costs to business. ? The regulatory change would ensure those who are learning to drive are accompanied by driving instructors that are held to the highest standard.