Nova Scotia to Advance Cancer Care Research, Treatment
Premier's Office, Health and Wellness

Cancer patients in Nova Scotia will be some of the first to access new technology and innovative programs developed in the fight against the disease over the next decade.

Nova Scotia Health and Varian, a U.S.-based Siemens Healthineers company that provides cancer care technologies, have entered a 10-year multi-disciplinary oncology partnership that includes utilizing artificial intelligence in digital imaging and will modernize the way cancer care is delivered in the province and around the world.

“Fixing healthcare in our province means keeping pace with the latest advancements in technology, equipment and training,” said Premier Tim Houston. “This partnership will foster a future where cancer care is a journey filled with hope, support and unparalleled advancements.”

The partnership will provide Nova Scotia with new, state-of-the-art equipment and software to expand the ongoing oncology transformation project across the province. The benefits will include:

  • expansion of the provincial cancer screening and cancer survivorship programs
  • earlier detection of cancers with improved diagnostics
  • treatments that are less invasive and more personalized
  • improved outcomes for patients.

Nova Scotia Health will invest up to $224 million over the next 10 years in the project. That includes $175 million to purchase hardware, software and digital solutions and services, and $49 million for renovations to accommodate new equipment and create new positions to support the project.

Varian has also committed up to $50 million over the same period to open a new office in Halifax that will create at least 60 jobs. The Halifax office will work with Nova Scotia Health to develop a digital imaging concept around artificial intelligence.


Every Nova Scotian will be touched by cancer sometime in their lifetime – either they will receive a diagnosis, or a family member or friend will. When that happens, they need to know we have the tools to fight back. Our partnership with Varian means that Nova Scotia is not merely witnessing change; we are steering it, ensuring that every individual facing the challenges of cancer experiences the very best in care, compassion and innovation. Karen Oldfield, President and CEO, Nova Scotia Health

We are so impressed with the magnitude and breadth of Nova Scotia Health’s ambition to not only stay on the cusp of advances in cancer care but also contribute to creating those advances so that patients around the world can receive better, more effective, more co-ordinated care. This agreement brings to life our shared commitment to providing solutions across the cancer care continuum by addressing the needs of clinicians, program leaders and the patients we all ultimately serve. Arthur Kaindl, Head of Varian

Quick Facts:

  • Nova Scotia Health and Varian have been working together on cancer care and research for more than 20 years
  • the company expects to establish its new Halifax office by mid-2024
  • Varian has 70 locations around the world

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