At the request of the Ontario Potato Board, the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (Commission) is proposing an amendment to O. Reg. 247/99 (Potatoes - Marketing), which would replace the current negotiating agency for all processors of "Soups and Stews" with a negotiating agency for all processors of "Frozen Products."The current regulation provides negotiating agencies for "Potato Chips", "Pre-Peeled Potatoes" and "Soups and Stews." As there are currently no processors using Ontario potatoes for commercial soup and stew production, the "Soups and Stews" negotiating agency is no longer necessary. Replacing this negotiating agency with one for Frozen Products better reflects current industry needs. The Commission is also proposing amendments to remove outdated references in O. Reg. 247/99 to the Farm Products Grades and Sales Act and the Canada Agricultural Products Act (Canada).