The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services ("the ministry") would like to hear your views on the ministry's proposals to improve the cemetery care and maintenance fund and account framework under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 and its regulations.Bereavement sector stakeholders have raised concerns about the existing framework for cemetery care and maintenance funds and accounts, which are trust funds that are intended to generate income for the ongoing upkeep of a cemetery.Since December 2019, the ministry has been consulting with municipalities, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, commercial, religious and not-for-profit cemetery operators and bereavement sector associations to determine the scope of the concerns with the cemetery care and maintenance fund and account framework and to discuss potential solutions to address those concerns.The ministry considered all feedback received and is proposing potential regulatory changes and non-regulatory actions to help address the concerns that were raised. The ministry is also proposing potential regulatory changes to address concerns regarding licence display requirements for bereavement service operators. The ministry invites you to review the attached consultation paper and to share your feedback. Please submit your comments no later than January 19, 2021.Your advice is important. All input is welcomed and appreciated. All comments received may be used to inform recommendations for potential regulatory changes and non-regulatory actions. This may involve disclosing some or all comments or materials received, or summaries of them, to other interested parties during and after the consultation, subject to certain restrictions. The ministry's collection, use and disclosure of information is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please see the consultation paper for more information about the collection, use and disclosure of information related to this posting.You may instead send us your comments by email to

It is anticipated that there will be administrative costs to cemetery operators and the Bereavement Authority of Ontario associated with the proposed regulatory changes, if made and approved (e.g., costs associated with learning about the changes, costs associated with applications and system updates, among other potential costs). It also anticipated that there will be benefits and some cost savings for cemetery operators (e.g., greater number of interment/scattering rights available that can be sold to consumers; saving on costs that would otherwise be charged by financial institutions if, for example, cemetery operators were to obtain a loan from a financial institution for interment/scattering right expansion; and, reduction of municipalities' reliance on taxpayers to fund municipal cemetery maintenance).All bereavement sector licensees are also expected to save on costs related to licence display if the proposal to remove the requirement that operators must display their licences near the main entrance of their business establishments is approved.The ministry would be interested in hearing about the estimated costs, particularly administrative costs, as well as the benefits associated with the proposals.