441-02569 Correctional system
Brad Vis
Correctional facilities,Drug use and abuse,Needle exchange program
Petition to the Government of Canada
        At the direction of the Liberal government, the Correctional Service of Canada is operating the Prison Needle Exchange Program (PNEP) in federal correctional institutions, effectively encouraging illicit drugs use in prisons;
        Illicit drugs in federal institutions are contraband. Equally, any items used for injecting drugs are also contraband;
        The presence of needles for illicit drug use in correctional institutions presents a severe safety risk to both inmates and correctional officers;
        The already hazardous workplace of the correctional officer is made more dangerous by the presence of the PNEP; and
        The Canadian Drug and Substances Strategy should focus on helping Canadians recover from addiction and receive treatment, not on supporting these addictions.
    We, the undersigned citizens and permanent residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to cancel the Prison Needle Exchange Program's operations, stop permitting the use of illicit drugs in Canadian prions, and focus the efforts on helping inmates recover from their addictions.