441-02568 Justice
Dan Mazier
Crime and criminality,Rural communities
Petition to the Government of Canada
        The crime rate in Swan River and surrounding area continues to rise and pose a significant threat to public safety, community wellbeing, and economic success;
        Since 2015, violent crime has increased by 32%, gang-related homicides have increased by 92%, violent, repeat offenders are obtaining bail much more easily, and increasing daily acts of crime and violence are putting Canadians at risk;
        Swan River's crime severity index — a measure that takes into account how much crime is reported and the seriousness of the crime — increased by over 50% from five years prior; and
        Local businesses should not have to accept the financial and economic consequences of the government's lack of action in addressing crime.
    We, the undersigned, residents of Swan River and area, call upon the Government of Canada to:
        Deliver a detailed plan to specifically address the rising rate of crime in rural Canada; and
        Repeal soft-on-crime and catch-and-release policies that have directly contributed to the rising rate of crime in Canada.