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Tracy Gray
Air transportation,India
        No airline currently provides direct flight service between Vancouver, British Columbia and Amritsar, Punjab - a logical route the shortest physical distance between the international airports of YVR and ATQ;
        Present flight options require a connection through Delhi, a detour roughly 400 kms south of Amritsar, which adds approximately 700 additional kilometers to an entire trip. In addition, many flights route through Toronto, adding over 3,300 unnecessary kilometres to an already incredibly long journey;
        Reducing the kilometres needlessly travelled by implementing the shortest route (YVR>ATQ) will not only reduce trip length and improve passenger experience, but will save fuel and significantly reduce carbon emissions; and
        Numerous Canadian citizens and permanent residents travel between YVR & ATQ for business, pleasure, and family reasons: after India's complete COVID-19 lockdown during late March 2020, it was estimated that over 40,000 Canadian residents were stuck in Punjab.
    We, the undersigned citizens and permanent residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to leverage its ownership of Air Canada shares to encourage the company to explore the implementation of direct flights between Vancouver, British Columbia and Amritsar, Punjab, should such a route prove economically viable.