Petition to the Prime Minister



    Governor Gretchen Whitmer of the State of Michigan gave the order to shut down the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline;

    The closure of Enbridge Line 5 would have a devastating effect on the financial well being of the locality of Sarnia-Lambton and the tens of thousands of skilled tradespeople and employees of several local refineries and supporting industries and businesses;

    The closure of Enbridge Line 5 would also have a wide-ranging ripple effect throughout the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, including the disruption of fuel supply to major airports and transportation hubs, such as Toronto's Pearson Airport, which receives fuel from Enbridge Line 5; and

    Without Enbridge Line 5, a massive portion of the Canadian Industry will be wiped out overnight.



    We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, skilled tradespeople, and the families who depend upon the oil and gas industry to provide their livelihood and sustain their quality of life, call upon the Prime Minister to appeal to President elect Joe Biden to intervene and prevent Governor Whitmer from inflicting overwhelming and catastrophic economic effect to communities in Ontario, Quebec, Wisconsin and Ohio.