Taras Natyshak
Vice-Chair, Standing Committee on Government Agencies

It’s always a pleasure to listen to my colleague from Timiskaming–Cochrane. He is straightforward and always factual.

Despite our role as the official opposition and our criticism of this government and my individual criticism of the Premier and his actions over the years, I want him to succeed. I need him to succeed. We all need him to succeed and we need this government to succeed in quelling transmission of the virus. We need them to protect workers. We need them to bolster our economy and our small businesses that have suffered so heavily. Unfortunately, today we know that we are on the verge of another lockdown.
My question to my colleague from Timiskaming: He referenced energy rates and insurance rates. I’m getting a lot of calls from commercial owners and business owners about commercial insurance rates. Does this bill do anything to lower commercial insurance rates? Does it do anything to lower hydro rates for small businesses in our communities?