John Vanthof
Commissioner, Board of Internal Economy

There was a lot in that question, but specifically on not-for-profits, food banks: We all focus on our own ridings, and they’ve got some big problems, and their use is going up incredibly.

For small business, when the pandemic first hit—and I’m not blaming anyone for this; no one could predict who was going to be hit the hardest and where the hurt was really going to hit, on the business side. I remember driving past one of my RV centres that sells trailers. I thought, “Oh, that poor guy just bought this place, and he’s going to get wiped out.” He has had the best year he has ever had, so you couldn’t predict that. But a couple of months in, when the border was closed, we could predict that those mom-and-pop tourist outfitters were going to lose everything, and the government did not react quick enough to help them.