(McMahon—Minister for Climate Change and Energy) (10:02): I thank the member for Kooyong, and, in her absence, I thank the member for Curtin, for this contribution. The member for Curtin is unwell and I know she would be a very strong participant in this debate if she were here.

I might just say, by way of summary, there have been a range of discussions of good faith between the government and the crossbench. As we have said publicly, where there are suggestions which are entirely in keeping with the government's mandate and approach and which make things clearer or more explicit, we are more than happy to work in good faith with the crossbench. This is one instance of a sensible suggestion to make a change in the objects, and it would be unusual for anyone to oppose such a basic object to comply and to work for the thing that's been laid out by the honourable member's amendment. The government will support it.

The question is that amendments (1) and (2) moved by the member for Kooyong on behalf of the member for Curtin be agreed to.